Brisbane House Raising & New Home Stumping & Excavations

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What we do

House raising

We can raise your house to give you full legal height underneath, for you to do with as you please - create a perfect workshop or office, a play area for the kids or some valuable living space. Maybe you want to sneak some new higher views or capture breezes without destroying your existing layout and fittings.

House stumping

Considering replacing the stumps? Old timber stumps can rot and move with age and changes to the surrounding environment below your house. Particularly with our extreme weather conditions, rain, heat, humidity, changing vegetation and insect infestations that can cause stump damage lead to internal sloping and cracking. We are happy to provide an obligation free quote on how to resolve these issues with new steel house stumps.

House levelling

Got windows and doors that no longer close properly? Creaking and sloping in your floorboards? These are sure signs that your stumps may need attention. We can level your house to correct and abate further damage and possible degredation to the structural integrity of your home.  Keep your family and possessions safe by tending to failing stumps now.


Need an area dug out? Our excavation services cater to just about any area under and around your home.